[sword-devel] CLucene 2

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:27:50 MST 2011

> It is actually UTF8 to Unicode from everything I've been able to read.
>  utf8towcs is, from what I have read, supposed to represent every
> Unicode character as a single wchar_t which is supposed to be wide
> enough to hold the entire Unicode point value in a single space.  If
> I'm mistaken and someone knows otherwise, I'd appreciate knowing.  So

You are (a little) mistaken. wchar_t is defined differently on
different platforms. On Windows, it is only 16 bits, which actually
*isn't* wide enough to hold all Unicode characters. I believe on
modern *nix systems, it's defined as 32 bits. I do not believe that
clucene actually bothers itself with any characters that do not happen
to fit in 16 bits, so they just don't work, at least on Windows.

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