[sword-devel] Pathway, SIL, GoBible and CrossWire

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Thu Oct 27 20:49:37 MST 2011

Hi Greg,

> Greg's final comment was along the lines of, "There is desire and need
> for SWORD support in Pathway, but no one is asking for it because they
> don't realize they need and desire it." That sentiment is in line with
> the (extensive) questions I heard after the presentation. I have
> passed on to him information about PocketSword, because they do also
> want to support the iOS platform and he was not aware of PocketSword's
> presence there. I would encourage anyone with fingers in these areas
> or a desire to help on any of these action points to take them up
> (including putting them on a list of available projects on the wiki,
> David, if there is such a page?). SIL did not overlook us because they
> don't want to support us or because they are unaware of us - there
> were just some technical challenges.

Was there something that I could do to encourage things, from a PocketSword point of view?
It would be cool if we could use PS as a carrot in getting them to support the SWORD module format...  ;)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps:  Sorry for taking so long to reply to this thread!  I'm looking forward to cutting some code next week, as I will have more free time, although I'm wondering if I remember what Obj-C looks like!  ;)

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