[sword-devel] URL's in Commentary

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Oct 13 23:18:23 MST 2011

You might take a look at the HREFCom driver. It's designed to display 
the contents of an URL within a commentary window. I believe each verse 
entry simply consists of the URL. Support is possibly lacking in front 
ends, but I could be wrong.


On 10/13/2011 4:27 PM, Mike Hart wrote:
> The other day I had an idea to provide a "Bible Gateway" module which
> contains URL links to the current verse for each copyrighted version
> available on Bible Gateway. While this doesn't exactly solve copyrighted
> texts displaying within the sword platform, it reduces the time required
> to do comparisons against the most popular English texts. (That is, if
> it works.) If the links can be made to open in a regular browser, I'm
> fairly confident this is fair use. (It should be fair use even in a
> front end, but Bible Gateway is ensured their ad revenue in a browser,
> where a sword frontend may or may not handle all the bits required for
> ads properly.)
> Is there sword markup language that supports Links out? Is there a front
> end that handles http URL's? Which ML is the preferred for WWW links (in
> commentaries)?
> I put together a test module with plain html, which I built with IMP2VS
> (win32). When I open the module as a text, the links display inside of
> BibleTime 2.9b1 correctly, but clicking them causes the URL to take over
> the entire current pane within BT, instead of sending the URL to the
> system defined browser (what I expected to happen.) BT renders html
> well, but the link took over all 3 collumns of a parallel display,
> forcing a verse change to repair the display.
> When this module is viewed as a commentary (which is really more the
> intended use), the text of the link "<a href=...." appears for each entry.
> Is this methodology on the roadmap? Is it shunned as bad technology? Is
> this module (or it's grandchild) something that belongs in the
> development repo? (Currently the module is for NIV only... when I tried
> to multiply it by the dozen or so English texts, it overloaded my system.)
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