[sword-devel] Help/Volunteer needed to make minor changes to AlKitab Program

luke luke at motimail.com
Thu Oct 13 02:05:07 MST 2011

I know that this is a lot to ask, but ask and you shall receive, so I'll try.  I am a week and a half away from a biannual conference of great importance to the work that we do.  I am trying to get a language (with over a million speakers) website ready to be published before the conference so that we can share the scriptures with the participants in both GoBible and sword format.  I would like to be able to provide AlKitab as a download from the website with the language module already installed.  I understand that AlKitab can be used portable and I would like to have the portable app .exe be the one that is downloaded from the site.  I would also like to strike the words Bible Study from the title bar of the program.  And if it wouldn't be digging too much it would be nice to make the two or so places that AlKitab says Biblical Works, say Scriptural Works (this is not priority).  Bible is not an acceptable word in our cultural context but AlKitab is. I am not too knowledgeable about recompiling .exe files and that is why I'm hoping someone would help.  If you can do this, please contact me and I will e-mail the sword module.  Thanks,

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