[sword-devel] Turkish

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Nov 27 15:27:19 MST 2011

Hi guys,

We have now finally obtained a quality text for the Turkish Bible,
Kutsal Kitap

The publisher has kindly offered us their source text, which I made a
module off. Chris has it right now for his last checks. It should then
replace the the existing TurNTB module which is riddled with problems.

It will be published again as TurNTB, replacing the old module.

For those in my BCC list - you will find the module in a couple of days
or so in CrossWire Beta (or CrossWire 2 if you use PocketSword). Please
check, maybe from midweek onwards.

It has headings, some introductory notes to each book, footnotes and
crossreferences, apart from a complete text, paragraphing and decent

God bless you


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