[sword-devel] Osis2mod fail to convert my OSIS file to Sword module

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 12 05:47:31 MST 2011

On 11/04/2011 12:14 PM, Paal G. wrote:
> The osis2mod tool fails to convert my OSIS file to a Sword module. I am using build 2562. The tool terminates in Lamentations 3:22 without any error message. The module created contains all verse until Lamentations 3:22, all the rest are empty. When I check the error level returned from the tool I get -1073741819, which is the same as 0x3FFFFFFB.
> I have created a new OSIS file where all the verses are the string "x", but the tool fails anyway. I have validated my OSIS file, so it should be correct. I have also checked at the part of it where the problem occurrs, but I can't see any reason it should stop at Lam 3:22.
> Now I wonder if anyone else would like to run "osis2mod modulefolder bible.xml -v German" on my OSIS file or take a look at the xml file in case there is something wrong.

I haven't found the bug in the program that is causing the exit without 
an error message. But I have found the problem with the input.

In the German versification, Lamentations has 5 chapters. Your module 
goes to chapter 53. I'm not sure what the proper encoding of chapters 
6-53 should be. But it won't be Lamentations. (Chris any thoughts?)

When osis2mod hits verse Lam.6.1 it segment faults. I had seen this 
segment fault before, but was unable to solve it as it is in the SWORD 
engine not in osis2mod (might be that osis2mod calls the SWORD engine 
incorrectly.) I may need help here to solve the problem in osis2mod.

The reason that it stops at Lam 3:22 in the module is that the program 
did not close normally and not all that was written by osis2mod was 
committed to disk.

The proper behavior of osis2mod would to have appended chapters 6 to 53 
to the last verse of chapter 5 and give robust diagnostics that it was 
doing that.

In Him,

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