[sword-devel] OSIS milestones and the attribute n ?

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 12 04:32:46 MST 2011

On 11/12/2011 06:10 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Is it true that osis2mod ignores the attribute *n* in verse milestones?
Not really, but effectively. The verse begin and end tags, regular and 
milestoned, with all of its attributes are thrown away. The purpose of 
the n attribute is to provide what the verse number should be.

> e.g.  In the following snippet, pasted from the wiki:
>   <verse sID="Gen.1.1" osisID="Gen.1.1" n="1"/>In the beginning...<verse
> eID="Gen.1.1"/>
> The attribute n="1" is what I refer to.
> More to the point, when the text is for linked verses, we might have for
> example:
> <verse sID="Jer.41.17-Jer.41.18" n="17-18" osisID="Jer.41.17
> Jer.41.18"/>Asinain Babilon siangpahrang in Judah ram uktu ah a
> tuahmiGedaliah kha Ishmael in a thah ruangah Babilon mi ṭihnak an thinlung
> sungah a khat. Curuangah Babilon mi ṭih ah Izipt ram ah an tlan. Lamzin ah
> Bethlehem khua kiangah Khimham ah an cawl.<verse eID='Jer.41.17-Jer.41.18'/>
> Observe here that the n attribute is the verse range (in this case "17-18").
This is correct usage of the n attribute and shows it's value for the 
verse tag.

Do you see a value in osis2mod reading/using the value? I'm not sure how 
osis2mod might use it to better build a module.

In Christ,
> Likewise, pasted from the OSIS reference manual example:
> <verse sID="Esth.1.1-Esth.1.2" osisID="Esth.1.1 Esth.1.2" n="1-2"/>
> King Xerxes of Persia lived in his capital city of Susa and ruled one
> hundred twenty-seven provinces from India to Ethiopia.
> <verse eID="Esth.1.1-Esth.1.2"/>
> which has a proper explanation on page 46, viz.
> The final attribute you see is the n attribute. This is most commonly used
> to record some numbering that was present in an original text that may or
> may not have any relationship to the structure being encoded. In other
> words, the CEV translations inserted "1-2" here and OSIS provides a
> mechanism to record the fact of "1-2" occuring here.
> David
> PS. It's noticeable that usfm2osis.pl does not even generate this attribute.
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