[sword-devel] Packagers Take Note

Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Wed Nov 2 08:13:43 MST 2011

On 02.11.2011 17:06, Greg Hellings wrote:
> I don't know all the appropriate emails for SWORD packagers, but
> figured this is as good a place as any to put out this notice.
> SWORD SVN contains a few commits which should be interesting from the
> point of view of packagers for Linux distributions. While the current
> SVN is not directly compatible with the latest release of SWORD
> (1.6.2), interested parties should take note of commits 2661, 2662 and
> 2665 when packaging. These commits introduce compatibility with
> CLucene version 2.x while maintaining backwards compatibility with
> version 0.9x.  Additionally, commit 2665 fixes a major bug in the
> CMake build chain. Versions of the library without commit 2665 which
> are built with CMake will detect CLucene during configure but will not
> build against it, leaving the library with limited search
> capabilities.
> Anyone who used CMake in the past or who packages for a system with
> CLucene 2 is encouraged to take a look at these three commits and
> backport them to your patch system until the next release of the SWORD
> library which ought to include these commits.
> Thanks,
> Greg

I guess packagers would prefer a release instead of messing around with
patches ripped from "random" SVN commits. When will the next version be

Best regards,

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