[sword-devel] Strong's Numbers Python Script for Foreign Language Bibles

Kamal Abou Mikhael kamal.abm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 13:04:14 MST 2011

Hello Everyone,

It turns out that the talk was titled "Automatic Concordancing for Scripture
in Any Language" and it was given by Neil Rees.

The paper can be found here:


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> A search for "Python" in the  http://www.bibletechconference.com/speakers/
> BibleTech speakers  page brings up the name of *James Tauber* and the three
> talks that he gave.
> * MorphGNT: The Next Generation
> * A New Kind of Graded Reader
> * Using Pinax and Django For Collaborative Corpus Linguistics
> So perhaps these are the tools you were referring to?
> In view of what the *Tyndale STEP* project is working on, it would be good
> to establish whether they are aware of what James has been developing. I
> would think it's very likely.
> David
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