[sword-devel] transChange, deuterocanonical material

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jun 30 00:02:47 MST 2011

I am working at the moment with a Bible translation which incorporates
in an italicised form Greek additions into Daniel and Esther.

The recommended markup in the OSIS handbook is AFAICS to use

<transChange type="added" edition="dc"> as a marker.

The funny thing is that while the handbook recommends this format, the
OSIS schema seems to not like the attribute 'edition' in the tag

1) is there a better way of marking things up? The translators clearly
were keen to mark up the different status of the text.

2) If there is no better way, who is wrong? the hand book or the schema
and how do I go about to to get the schema amended?


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