[sword-devel] Strong's Numbers Python Script for Foreign Language Bibles

Kamal Abou Mikhael kamal.abm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 09:52:00 MST 2011

Hi Johathon,

I had some questions regarding the script and the whole topic of Srong's for
foreign languages.

1. You mentioned the script being tied to Bibletech talk... was that your
talk?  are there any remaining artifacts from that talk?  mp3... slides...
notes... I wasn't able to locate it on the Bibletech web site.

2. How does the script work?  Does it use advanced computational linguistics
of some type or heuristics of some kind?

Any help you can offer would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

> On 30/04/2011 13:28, Kamal Abou Mikhael wrote:
> > A while back there was a post regarding a python script that created
> first
> > drafts of Strong's numbers for foreign languages.
> That was me, and I haven't found that script, yet.  :(
> It probably will be faster for me to rewrite it, than find it again.
> jonathon
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