[sword-devel] Catholic Versification - Prologue of Sirach, Lamentations

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 07:36:26 MST 2011

Re: http://www.sacredbible.org/catholic/index.htm

I'm working on importing the Catholic Public Domain Bible. This version includes 9 verses at the beginning of Sirach marked verses P:1 - P:9.  There are also 3 prologue verses at the beginning of Lamentations. 

To properly set this up for Catholic versification, how should these verses appear in the import format module key?  Are they all part of  $$$Sirach 0:0  or  $$$Sirach 1:0 or does the AVN allow for $$$Sirach 0:1 - 0:9? or is P:1 correct?

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