[sword-devel] bash vs python

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 10:23:51 MST 2011

Whereas I prefer spreadsheets so I can SEE my before and after texts next to each other, and I don't generate so many text files that must be maintained. 'Track changes' works so much nicer than trying to keep up with filenames or revisions on the commandline. And (for me) verifying one line looks right before applying to the whole document is (in excel) much faster too.

Hit return, verify vs edit the command, run the command (time to apply to all 30,000 lines), look at the output, edit the command, run the command, look at the output, etc.  OOPS?  ctrl z. vs up up or which file is messed up now?

Remembering the exact syntax I used on a command line 2 years later is not hard if I have perfect logging skills and did correctly archive the command after I verified the output. I did pretty good when the production servers where behind two badge controlled security doors, but not so good when I could rsh in from my desk (so many more distractions.)  We were controlling bits not characters with shell commands and scripts, and the output was mechanical, not visual.. so verifying was next to impossible sometimes.  My own work in this manner ever resulting in zillion dollar problems, but at least associates of mine doing almost exactly similar tasks missed a single bit in a change process that resulted in about 2 weeks of factory output going down the drain. simply for misplacing a character on a commandline.  I know the tasks here don't have dollar values like that, but the stakes are just as high to me. 

With a spreadsheet, what I save is still there (working or not, but the process I use leaves me with what worked is saved.) I also find that spreadsheets are more stable over time (both MS Office and Open Office support pretty much every version of themselves and other languages, more transferrable (still have lotus spreadsheets that will open), and easier to package and communicate.)

They all achieve the same output (hopefully). but for me, the more visual the better.

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