[sword-devel] mod2zmod usage

Angel Candelaria linuxarecibo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 03:46:59 MST 2011


I appreciate all the help that I I've received on making this module;
I'm truly grateful.  Thanks to the help received in this list, I did
in a couple of hours what might have taken months for me.  You guys
are truly awesome.

I respect your points of view and beliefs, and my intention coming
here is not to challenge those. I just came here for help, and try to
do in a very respectful manner.  If anything that I've done or said
has been disrespectful to any of you, please forgive me, as it was not
my intention.  I also respect if any of you feel that you should not
help me on this because of your beliefs.  Still, I'm very thankful for
the help received so far.

Concerning the RVR2011 module, our initial intentions of making this
module were not make it available as part of the Crosswire module
database.  We only wanted to convert the bible in a format that most
of the people at Asamblea de Yahweh could use.  I choose the Sword
format because I feel it has many advantages over other formats,
specially in the fact that the Sword format is available in many
different platforms and OS's.  However, if Crosswire is interested in
using the module, it is OK by us.

Just to clarify: We are not a Christian group (although we do believe
in the Messiah, the Father and the Holy Spirit - just that we have
different views about it), just as, for example, Jews or Messianic
Jews can't be classified as Christian.  If any of you is interested in
reading about what we believe, take a look at http://www.yaim.org,
which is our parent organization (it is in English, for the benefit of
those of you that don't read or understand Spanish).  Back to the
point, since we are not classified as a Christian group, if you do
want to host a copy of the RVR2011 bible at Crosswire, we don't have
any problem that you put it in the Cult/Unorthodox section (although,
I must say, prefer to call it unorthodox).  That is, if you are
interested.  If ultimately you decide is not appropriate, it is OK
with us.  We respect your decision.

Finally, as my intention is not to create discomfort among you due to
our beliefs, I am willing to back off the list respectfully if you
consider my presence here disrupting, as my intention here is not to
cause discomfort.  Just let me know, and I'll back off.

Mike: Thanks for offering me your help in technical matters despite
our different point of views and beliefs.  You are a very kind person,
I appreciate that, and respect your beliefs.

David: I appreciate the help you gave me so far, and do respect your
reasons for not wanting to be involved anymore.  It is OK, I do
appreciate the assistance you gave me.

To all: Thank you very much.  May the blessing of our heavenly Father
be among you.

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 1:20 PM, Mike Hart <just_mike_y at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Angel,
> I just wanted to say my offer to help you with any technical issue still stands.  I can't in good conscious be part of any activity that will compromise my beliefs, but I respect others beliefs and while I point out differences and even have opinions, I try my best not to be judgmental.  While I think the RVR2011 version of John 1:1 is a mistranslation, I am also aware of what I consider mistranslations in most other modern versions... I'm not to judge what others do, but I have to test what I take in. :-) I fully respect that taking on the task of making a new version is a heavy burden for anyone, and respect the work of a translator.  While I will offer my opinion on the matter, if your associate is adamant that John 1:1 is correctly translated, it is his right to make that claim.
> This divisive subject of the trinity and nature of each member is to me critical at the group level, but not a limiter at the personal level.  That is, if the group together rejects God Father, Son, or Holy Ghost, then the group isn't representing the Bible and what Christianity IS, but at a personal level, each of us tries to grasp this concept in terms of what we know here in earth, and none of us can know completely what it means.
> http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+22:23-32&version=NVI
> In Matthew 22:23-32, Jesus warned the Sadducees that they can not understand the resurrection/heaven in terms of what they know on earth, and I feel that warning is perfectly suited for the nature of the Godhead.
> So while I have strong beliefs about it, I have to leave room in my beliefs that I don't and can't fully understand it here on earth.
> http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark%203:22-30&version=NVI
> However, in Mark 3:22-30,  Jesus warns that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the ONLY thing that can never be forgiven.  So while I leave room for other people's beliefs, I clearly must separate myself from anything that could be considered blasphemy of the spirit, like a claim that The Spirit isn't part of the core faith that saves us.   It is this warning that causes the responses you see in the group.
> If you run into questions about module making that you can't answer (about compiling or OSIS or whatever,) and aren't getting responses on the developer site... I can try to answer them for you, or get you help.
> --- On Sat, 6/11/11, Angel Candelaria <linuxarecibo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> From: Angel Candelaria <linuxarecibo at gmail.com>
>> Subject: [sword-devel] mod2zmod usage
>> To: "Sword Developers List" <sword-devel at crosswire.org>
>> Date: Saturday, June 11, 2011, 9:08 AM
>> Hi again.
>> How do I properly use the mod2zmod? I tried to used it but
>> got an
>> error saying that it can't find my module.
>> What should go in the <modname> parameter?
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