[sword-devel] RVR2011

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 13:20:26 MST 2011

I think it important to state here that this is not just about a statement of faith on the website. 

The problem is that the RVR2011 appears to be intentionally mistranslated to support the theology described there. More specifically, John 1:1 reads

"EN el principio era el Verbo, y el Verbo era con el Todopoderoso, y el Verbo era poderoso."

I don't read Spanish well, but immediately the lower case 'p' on the last word alarmed me.  I asked David about it.  He confirmed that not only is this verse declaring "the Word" isn't at the same level as God, but the word poderoso translates 'powerful' (like a steam train powerful) and not divine at all. 

If you look at any existing Greek manuscript of this verse, the source for the word Todopoderoso (The Almighty ?) and poderoso (powerful) are both translations of the same greek word 'Theos'.  I know of no justification that could make the original writer unable to come up with different words for his introduction if he truly meant that much difference.  Theos = Theos = God = God.  In Greek, it is clear he's saying they are the same thing.  For 1900 years just about everyone who looks at this verse makes the same conclusion.  In no place have I ever seen theos translated powerful  (raging bull strong.)  

Based on the text seeming to follow the Assembly de Yahweh's theology and not following any known Greek manuscript, I'm going to have to suggest it is flawed enough that it needs significant revision before it could be hosted by Crosswire, if ever.   Hopefully the translator will now be able to use the Crosswire tools to see the flaws in their text and correct them. 

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