[sword-devel] source texts. Was Re: Looking for vpl reference

Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 04:43:23 MST 2011

The files currently being discussed can be retrieved from 
http://ia600607.us.archive.org/2/items/RVR2011/        or 
http://www.archive.org/details/RVR2011&reCache=1   -> click the 'all files HTTP' link. 

Files list-----
RVR2011.vpl - The file I received from Angel
rvr2011-vpl-ready.txt - The verse prepended VPL File 
RVR2011.zip - the output from $VPL2MOD.exe rvr2011-vpl-ready.txt . 1 0 in windows

NOTE the .zip file contains all of the files needed for the module, but does not contain the directory structure like importable zip files obtained on the crosswire website.

This is not a permanently archived listing, It will disappear on or around July 11. 

The only intentional changes I made to body text was 
o moving brackets around dubious verses from BEFORE the verse number to AFTER the verse number, and 
o inserting underscores in display book names that begin with numbers to prevent them from being interpreted as verses by my excel filter. The book names where a number is followed by a non ascii character did not get the underscore and had to be manually corrected in the final vpl file before import. 

When I first loaded RVR2011.vpl into jEdit, I could detect no differences in space character that appeared in his completed module vs the ones that did not. 

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