[sword-devel] can't do lucene Hebrew searches in KJV

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jan 20 09:29:02 MST 2011

BTW, belated thanx to Nic for pointing that out for us.

I have to note that the Strong's content isn't zero-prefixed so as to
generate exactly-5-digits entries, either.  Gen 1:1...

| <w lemma="strong:H07225">In the beginning</w> <w
| lemma="strong:H0430">God</w> <w lemma="strong:H0853 strong:H01254"
| morph="strongMorph:TH8804">created</w> <w lemma="strong:H08064">the
| heaven</w> <w lemma="strong:H0853">and</w> <w lemma="strong:H0776">the
| earth</w>.

It's just an arbitrary, single, leading zero on all entries.  Even Gen
2:24's use of H1 is encoded as H01.

"sed -e 's/strong:H0/strong:H/g'" has a salutory and satisfying effect.
I've just replaced my KJV content with the result of doing so.  Much nicer.

Interesting, that the similar encoding is not present for the NT Greek,
so no such fix is needed.

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