[sword-devel] Module Display Names

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jan 19 18:52:15 MST 2011

> I think putting abbreviation first always is nice because it is easier
> to scan for (i.e. ESV is much more recognizable than English Standard
> Version).  Putting the Abbreviation on the front makes it possible to
> scan through a list for it, whereas if the description was first and the
> abbreviation at the end it would be much more difficult.

A lot of this comes back to some of the threads in the past on localised
display of book names etc.

If I use e.g. Xiphos in German it is a bit irritating that all kind of
German Bibles are called GerThis or GerThat, particularly if there are
valid (but possibly conflicting with those in other languages)

Therefore I think we should really move away from using the internal
identifier as a user visible tag.

If we have unique internal identifiers we can have any number of
clashing abbreviations in different languages - it simply will not
matter - the English ESV will be something entirely different to the
Romanian (I am making this one up) and a user having both installed will
cope because s/he will usually know the context.


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