[sword-devel] and-bible on Android

Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 03:04:15 MST 2010

I tried out the and-bible, like suggested. It seems to work, and work pretty
fast. I extracted the extra files (creating the jsword directory on my SD
card), and they opened up just fine.

However, I tried to download some more Bibles, using the program. For
starters, I downloaded the KJV module. When I opened up the downloader in
the program it spun for a minute, which I figured was it trying to connect
to the repository. It eventually showed up and I downloaded it.

Next up for the TR 1550 module. It said it was downloading and then "quit
unexpectedly", with a "force quit" button.

I browsed to the modules on the SD card, and seeing that they are the normal
*.bz modules, I just copied them over from my laptop into the proper
./ztext/modules/... folder, but the program then didn't see them. I then
tried the download process again, but all I got was the spinning icon that
kept spinning and wouldn't shut down. I got it closed, but then I had the
unexpected behavior that when ever I would open and try to close the program
after that, when I hit the return button, it automatically put me back into
the download module window, spinning icon and all.

I finally remembered the *.conf files and copied them over also from my
laptop into the proper folder, re-installed, and now it is working fine.

It runs noticeably faster than the OliveTree Bible software, and it looks
much nicer too.

One issue I noticed is that the Hebrew module included in the SDcard zip
file that I first downloaded only shows me boxes and no characters. Is there
a reason for this? Do I need a Hebrew keyboard installed?

Thanks for the work. I look forward to exploring it further. There doesn't
seem to be much documentation on the site there to explain installation. For
instance that it is even possible to copy your modules and .conf files
directly onto your SD card and have them show up in and-bible...

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