[sword-devel] question regarding Android front end

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Sep 30 02:34:21 MST 2010

> Von: Caleb Maclennan <caleb at alerque.com>

> I see Xiphos has some translation stuff setup on launchpad. Can we
> perhaps tweak the website so it walks people through getting setup to
> translate there? I feel like anybody who knows what a po file is can
> figure out how to deal with them on their own.

The trouble is, people who will not understand po files as a concept at least will also (per experience) produce under par translations, unless you sit next to them and discuss every step.

I have done all kinds of things with xiphos translators, but unless you have someone who is more or less well versed in software development stuff (and most of our translators are at least somewhat) then creating a translation which is actually better than a machine translation is very hard work - not just for the translator but also for the person holding their hand. And Launchpad changes nothing in that equation. 

I see no reason why we should not direct people also to Launchpad, but TBH i do not expect much fruit from making it technically easy to translate - the problem is the content which throws people who are not technically minded.


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