[sword-devel] question regarding Android front end

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Sep 29 15:31:18 MST 2010

On 29/09/10 23:11, Caleb Maclennan wrote:
> I love Google Translate and their various language tools, but let's
> put the effort into finding local translators before throwing software
> out there!

Caleb, I agree and disagree at the same time.

I am at this now for several years - a fair number of translations
across the board in CrossWire in various languages are mine, inspired by
me or mentored by me.

There is an enormous power in a bad translation - it draws out guys who
would never dream of doing something. Several translations we have and
many many imporvements would never have come about if we had not
presented a rough and ready "mock-up"

With this in mind I am committing right now a google translated entire
translation for Xiphos in Arabic. I am fed up to the core that we do not
have an Arabic translation, I have tried to recruit translators for the
language for 5 years and now I will make some people shame faced and
steaming with anger when they see the poor translation. And - hopefully
- next release we will have a nice one....


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