[sword-devel] GermanA versification

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Sep 25 02:50:41 MST 2010

Hi guys,

I attach a patch to SWORD which introduces a new versification - the
previous "German" with added Apocrypha.

We will need this versification for continental Roman Catholic
translations - at least Einheitsuebersetzung and my new Portuguese
translation work this way. No other apocryphal versification comes
even close - all have major versification issues in the OT.

The in the past raised "Esther problem" I have solved by following the
Einheitsuebersetzung's lead - all Greek verses are integrated into the
preceding Hebrew verse which makes for occasionally very long verses but
a normal flow of storyline and no versification problems. Portuguese
will fit in seamlessly and I have the publisher's permission to go this

The patch is fully integrated in versemgr.cpp and the relevant autotools
makefiles, but not in any other build tools as yet.

Libsword still builds and the new versification seems to work just fine.

I did this this way to keep myself to stuff I have tested and can test.

I will now produce a patch for the remaining build systems, but as I can
not test it that well, I am less convinced there. Maybe someone else can
have a look at this too.

I would be grateful if this could make it into 1.6.2

Maybe it would be good if those with interest in other RC translations
have a look into how this fits with their translations. I am sure there
are many more than just the Portuguese and the Einheitsuebersetzung.


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