[sword-devel] using a dvcs for module creation

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Sep 16 07:44:30 MST 2010

Thanks to Matthew who has got me onto the idea to use a DVCS for module
creation. This is a very useful idea particularly if the underlying
texts are messy and need gradual adjustment at a variety of places.

So, I fell for git, largely because the name appealed to me and it works
so far quite well.

My question: If I want to push intermittently point releases - like "NT
completed", "with book introductions", "with footnotes" etc to a central
server of what do I need to have for that? I.e. what does the remote
server need installed? I want to set up my home server as a backup etc
for that.

And how can I use git to mess about with code at home but then commit to
svn - e.g. the sword-tools section on CrossWire? At the moment I have
two directories - one is sword-tools under svn where I check out from
CrossWire and commit from too and another is a git based one. Whenever I
think i have something worth pushing to CrossWire, I copy from one to
the other and do a svn commit. I am sure this is not the most clever way...



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