[sword-devel] Sword 1.6.2 NOW!

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Sep 14 02:58:39 MST 2010

Jaak Ristioja <Ristioja at gmail.com> writes:
> Why not branch?

Because branching is a whole new world of pain, for something as
straightforward as a workaround patch for a curl library bug.  It's a
one-line patch, for pity's sake.

> Since there has probably been no announcement from Sword that distros
> should patch,

Um...  Procession from false assumption.  Anyone who's involved enough
to be doing distribution of Sword software ought to be involved enough
to be seeing discussion about such things as the curl bug and its patch

When the bug was encountered, there was rather a lot of activity about
it.  Anyone who didn't see it...just wasn't watching.

> If I remember correctly, an OpenSUSE user was the last to report the
> bug to BibleTime, so maybe OpenSUSE still has it unpatched.

No.  Brian Dumont <bdumont at ameritech.net> is on top of that, and has
informed me in the past that appropriate updates were available as of
Aug 05.

Whether updated builds get to the field properly is a whole different
question -- e.g. we have the annoying nightmare that a Xiphos display
workaround release for an xulrunner bug, fixed in May, hasn't gotten
back to Ubuntu repositories, though it's available elsewhere just fine
(via CrossWire's Ubuntu PPA for Sword builds).

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