[sword-devel] updated sword project ISO

Jim Michaels jmichae3 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 6 01:19:29 MST 2010

the Sword Project ISO needs updating.
a new app that will be added to the collection as a user choice is Xiphos.
I was told there is a need for someone to facilitate/manage this project (after 
a discussion about a Xiphos ISO).I am new to all this, I have only been a user 
of Xiphos and the Sword Project.

I am also willing to contribute to the windows part of the effort any way I 

- I can write NSIS installers, that's easy.  
- I can also write simple windows apps in Auto-It3 ( makes dialogs to launch 
other programs) with a few lines of code - it's sort of like BASIC, but it can 
control things.
- I can write command-line C++ apps, if that's of any use.  I usually combine 
that with the above.
- I can build ISOs, I have mkisofs for windows (I get it from 
http://sf.net/projects/cdrtfe, a cd burning program that uses a cdrtools port 
from UNIX).

I am not quite sure how well mac resources will work on my PC...  maybe the mac 
stuff should be a universal dmg?  there are a number of mac platforms to 
target....  and I am not entirely familiar with the mac platform, but I do make 
mac apps available on my own ISOs, so I am not totally blind either.

If there is nobody to write the replacement windows front-end app, I could do it 
easily, but it won't look as good as the old one.  the new one is going to have 
to call a different installer rather than directly run

My understanding is that there are pre-built software components that simply 
need to be assembled in the right way, with the possible exception of the front 
end app (I could be wrong)?

A cd can store 738MB (not MiB), so there should be room for more of the sword 
project, but xiphos is 25MB and the sword project is 714MB which is 1MB over the 
top, so xiphos is not going to fit in a cd per se, but it would fit in a DVD 
ISO.  there are still working cd drives out there, I have a client who has 2 and 
my mom has 2.  I figure it will be about 5 years or less before all the cd 
drives will be replaced with dvd's.

we are probably going to have to update again when Xiphos is capable of getting 
books from a cd.  I understand that currently it doesn't.  So at some point in 
the future, we could make a DVD ISO that includes Xiphos?

anyone interested?  what do you think?

I usually type in pretty much all lower case.

Jim Michaels
jmichae3 at yahoo.com
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http://DoLifeComputers.JesusnJim.com (group which I lead)
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