[sword-devel] Repository for Japanese Bibles

admin at bible.salterrae.net admin at bible.salterrae.net
Wed Sep 1 17:56:45 MST 2010

Hi all!

We have set up a repository for japanese bibles as below:

 Site Name:              bible.salterrae.net
 Site Machine Name:      bible.salterrae.net
 Repository Directory:   /pub/sword/raw

 Catalog Directory:      /pub/sword/raw
 ZIP Directory:          /pub/sword/packages/rawzip

Registered modules are bungo, kougo, raguet and denmo.

Though Croswire Beta Repository contains JapBungo, JapKougo, JapMeiji,
JapRaguet and JapDenmo, these modules are rather old and contains
more errors than ours.

Relations between ours and croswire beta's are:
kougo: almost same as JapKougo, paragraph tags ( such as <p>, <lg>, <l>
    are added. )
bungo: combination of JapBungo(NT) and JapMeiji(OT).
    Contains all the missing books in the JapMeiji.
raguet: almost same as JapRaguet.
denmo: almost same as JapDenmo.
Ruby annotations are removed from all modules.

Administrator of bible.salterrae.net

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