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Any suggestions please?

In His Name.


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Good evening,

Once again, thank you for your help.

I have copied your suggestion into my text, but when clicking on Isa. 7:14, it takes me to Rev. 1:14 - this is in Xiphos 3.1.3 for Windows.

There is no option on the iPhone to select Isa. 7:14.

Any suggestions?

In His Name,


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On 21/10/10 16:10, Johan Marais wrote:
> Thank You for the feedback, I appreciate it.
> I am doing the markup in OSIS format and test it in the iPhone and Xiphos (Windows).
> Could I ask that you do an example of the markup for me please as I don't get the text of a footnote plus a Scripture cross reference to work together.

There are good examples in the wiki.

But here goes the first one:

<note osisRef="Mat.1.23" osisID="Mat.1.23!1" n="1">
According to the Shem Toḇ Hebrew text & <reference
osisRef="Isa.7:14">Isa. 7:14<reference>. Virgin
>> / young woman. See also Explanatory Note "<reference osisRef="....">Maiden".<reference></note>,

I keep forgetting how lexica references are formed - but you could use
that to guide the reader towards "maiden" explanatory notes.

and the other one - regarding the highlighted allusion I would use the
catchWord tag for that - repeat within the note the referred part
(complete or abbreviated) of the verse - see also 8.5.2 in the OSIS manual.


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