[sword-devel] Bishop (Android C++ SWORD)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Oct 25 13:36:52 MST 2010

A new bishop.apk is posted here:


It's build against 1.6.2.

Again, bishop is still mostly just a test harness for the JNI bindings
to the C++ Engine.

This one has a simple search screen and speed timing report.  I would
appreciate some feedback on the timings it reports from the default
search, "God love world" over the KJV on your device.

I get just over 4 seconds on my G2.

After the default search, it would be nice to hear the numbers for "God"
and whether or not you run out of memory.  Obviously, this has a large
result set and tests the passing of results from the JNI layer to the
Java GUI.

On my G2 it takes 14 seconds to perform and return the results, but in
actuality it takes like 4 minutes to get the 3578 results to display on
the screen.  Obviously we'll build a better results display, but I'm
mostly interested in the speed you get from your devices and if you
experience any problems.

Still have intermittent troubles with the download installer.  Sometimes
it works and sometimes it doesn't.  This is the major trouble left that
I know about and what I'll be working on next hopefully.

This version also implements and registers our standard URL handler

Thanks for any feedback,


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