[sword-devel] sword-utilities-1.6.1-r2576-bcb omits emptyvss.exe etc

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Oct 21 07:45:13 MST 2010

I believe I commented that I used an older make system to build the
utilities which do not use the libsword.dll.  The older system did not
include the other utilities you mention.  I uploaded the package quickly
so you could test.  Chris has uploaded a proper utils package so the
quick one I produced for your testing can be deleted if anyone feels
there is a reason to do so.  They are properly marked as build with the
BCB make system, so I don't think there is any cause for any action,
except when in the future we clean up all old packages out there.


On 10/21/2010 03:14 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> Troy,
> There are four files missing in sword-utilities-1.6.1-r2576-bcb.zip
> emptyvss.exe
> genbookutil.exe
> libsword.dll
> modwrite.exe
> Please advise and fix.
> David

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