[sword-devel] ChiUns module contains superfluous spaces (ANSI 32)

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 08:08:54 MST 2010

While displaying the simplified Chinese Union Version module ChiUns using
Xiphos, I have observed that there is at least one ordinary ANSI space
between each CJK ideogram.

This is confirmed as being module content, rather than a rendering artefact.

I exported the contents using MOD2IMP, and then removed all XML tags (e.g.
for Strongs & Morph) from a copy of the raw IMP text file.

It has many such spaces on every line.  e.g.

$$$Genesis 1:1
起 初  ,   神  创 造   天  地  。
$$$Genesis 1:2
地  是   空 虚  混 沌  , 渊  面  黑 暗  ;   神  的 灵  运 行   在 水  面  上  。
$$$Genesis 1:3
  神  说   : 要 冇   光  , 就 冇 了  光  。
$$$Genesis 1:4
  神  看   光  是 好 的  , 就 把 光  暗  分 幵 了   。
$$$Genesis 1:5
  神  称   光  为 昼  , 称   暗  为 夜  。 冇  晚 上  , 冇  早 晨  , 这 是 头 一  日  。
The only spaces that should be in any Chinese text are the ideographic space
as the general style is for the CJK ideograms to appear as on a grid
cf. The ideographic space is largely used to precede the Divine Name.  i.e.
"  神"

The ordinary spaces probably originated from the preprocessing used to add
tags for Strongs & Morph markup.
They shouldn't be there.  The same passage should appear like this:

$$$Genesis 1:1
起初 神创造天地。
$$$Genesis 1:2
地是空虚混沌,渊面黑暗; 神的灵运行在水面上。
$$$Genesis 1:3
$$$Genesis 1:4
$$$Genesis 1:5
I imagine the same symptom occurs for the traditional Chinese Union module,
and for our other Chinese modules, though I haven't yet researched this.

I know that Chris intends eventually to remake these modules from a better
text source (see JIRA bugs for modules), yet I thought this aspect warrants
a wider understanding.

btw.  I'm not an expert on Chinese, but I have acquired quite a few Chinese
friends and contacts in the course of my work on Go Bible.

David Haslam

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