[sword-devel] OSIS quote marker attribute type="x-doNotGeneratePunctuation"

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Oct 16 20:46:55 MST 2010

On 10/16/10 11:03 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> The fact that mod2osis =>  osis2mod roundtrip is not guaranteed to be
> lossless may have put people off before now. That there is a lossless
> roundtrip via IMP format may be news to many folk.

mod2imp followed by imp2(vs|ld|gbs) is not guaranteed to roundtrip. 
mod2imp will give you an accurate record of the contents of each content 
entry in the module, but skips past link entries.

So for investigating entry contents in order to track down bugs, this 
process is fine, but we would never release content that had gone 
through this process.


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