[sword-devel] Applications

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Oct 5 16:43:09 MST 2010

I have added AndBible to the list of applications on the Website.

Please have a look at www.crosswire.org/applications.jsp

Without particular prejudice, my strong suggestion is to reduce the list
of stuff we currently show there:

LCDBible and SwordBible - I have not heard any response when I asked re
av11n capability and intentions in that directions. I think, unless we
get at least a indication of continued development +/- roadmap re av11n
I would remove them. Lack of av11n is clearly not a reason as such, but
lack of response is a reason and lack of continued development certainly is.

Rapier, Dagger and QPSword - Rapier is getting replaced on newer Maemo
by Katana. Dagger and QPSword are probably not that relevant anymore,
are they?

Palm recommendations - still relevant?

I am not going to do anything about this right now, but would welcome


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