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Wed Nov 24 15:51:32 MST 2010

few lines.
$$$[ Module Heading ]

$$$[ Testament 1 Heading ]
<milestone type=3D"x-importer" subType=3D"x-osis2mod" n=3D"$Rev: 2562 $"/>
$$$Genesis 0:0
<div canonical=3D"true" sID=3D"gen1" type=3D"bookGroup"/> <title>El Antiguo
Testamento</title> <div canonical=3D"true" osisID=3D"Gen" sID=3D"gen2"
type=3D"book"/> <title type=3D"main">=E2=80=8BEl libro de G=C3=A9nesis (=E2=
=80=8BPrimer libro de
$$$Genesis 1:0
<chapter osisID=3D"Gen.1" sID=3D"gen3"/> <title type=3D"chapter">G=C3=A9nes=
is 1</title>
$$$Genesis 1:1
En el principio cre=C3=B3 Dios el cielo y la tierra.
This provides evidence that it does process the first bookGroup title -
though whether this is ideally placed is not for me to judge.
At least it processes it better than it does the second bookGroup title.

Observe that I'm following the OSIS example in the wiki page, using <div
type=3D"bookGroup" canonical=3D"true"> rather than using <div
type=3D"x-testament">, which is what gets output by the infamous mod2osis
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