[sword-devel] Markup Options (was Re: Config file for thml module)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Nov 30 08:18:44 MST 2010

> Von: Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com>

> However, a few problems arise.  Namely, I have no control over the
> display of the text in my target applications (Xiphos and Bibletime)
> when I use OSIS.  You, being in the semantics-please camp, might think
> that's a good thing.  You've stymied my attempt, as a content creator,
> to actually accomplish my goal of influencing rendering.  But as the
> content creator, I'm not willing to be stymied because the task I was
> given was to make these texts render the same in SWORD as they do in
> the source app.  

Not withstanding my previous comments on this thread being an annually repetitive occurrence, i do think there is a problem in your reasoning, Greg:

Once you target a specific frontend you end up in the same scenario as we had with the South African modules for BibleCs only. or - on a grander scale - as all those IE6-only sites. 

I would much rather we produced good modules and filed endless numbers of bug reports against any application and the library for non-compliance if things which should work do not work, instead of targetting the oddities and non-compliant aspects of each application separately.

And yes, I think XSLT and CSS combination would be the best. I am still waiting for Troy's actual reasoning rather than his gut reaction to XSLT. He promised it.


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