[sword-devel] osis2mod debugging/titles

John G Duffy johngduffy at duffyinternet.com
Wed Nov 17 08:31:19 MST 2010


I've had similar issues to what you have mentioned below, when making the
ABN module.

Mid-verse headings have had the text either before or after the heading
deleted, with the heading either put at the start of the next verse, or at
the start of the verse it was in.  Sorry I can't remember which it was, as
it was several months ago now. Also, on some frontends the verse number
appears at the end of the previous verse instead of at the start of the
actual verse, but that only occurs in some frontends such as Bible Desktop,
but not others.

Since there is no capability for mid-verse headings, what I did was to keep
the text before the heading within the actual verse, and put the heading and
the verse text after it both at the start of the next verse.  Within the
next verse I added in brackets the previous verse number for the text I
moved, and another verse number in brackets to note the start of the verse
that it was added to.  E.g. Luke 1:46-47 in the ABN module.

As there were less only around 100 or so of these, I manually did the
editing to use this workaround.

John Duffy

> what does osis2mod touch and what not? I found some type 
> attributes seem
> to survive very well, others not. Specifically, on which titles is
> 'subType="x-preverse"' appended?
> Undesirable outcomes i have seen when I tried to get it right as a
> result of not understanding titles:
> 1) only first title in a chapter is displayed
> 2) some titles are inline
> 3) some titles are included into the subsequent verse (i.e. after the
> verse number
> 4) the verse number is above the verse text
> To get it right on the module I just finalise I have heavily 
> edited the
> osis file, but I am not too proud of my work. I have the fear that too
> much is in flux (or at least with me only partially 
> understood), both in
> osis2mod and the filters.
> I have found the debug options on osis2mod useful - thanks to 
> the person
> who added these!
> Peter
> P.S.: Sometimes I wish we could forgo all the filters and 
> work with raw
> OSIS, XSLT and CSS...  At least I could rapidly extend then 
> "filters" to
> get them to do what I want. :-)

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