[sword-devel] YouVersion application for facebook

Nick Watts fatalglory at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 13:48:10 MST 2010

I have written a SWORD derived web-app completely in PHP that could 
probably be turned into a facebook app fairly easily if anyone's 
interested.  I did it by writing a C++ program to dump the contents of 
SWORD modules out as SQL files for storing in a MySQL database (so that 
the app is no longer dependent on the SWORD library at run-time, only 
for initially generating the SQL code).  My motivation for this was to 
be able to install something like SWORDWeb on low-cost shared hosting plans.

You can see my work so far at http://www.resplect.com/hifibible
I've nearly finished writing the administrator documentation, and I will 
post it along with downloads of the source code, the sword2sql program, 
etc. shortly at http://www.resplect.com/hifibible-project

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