[sword-devel] av11n mappings

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Tue Nov 9 10:16:38 MST 2010

Patch and content for Synodal and also app i tested it.

> My initial review of your work didn't reveal to me how this would
> manifest itself in your mapping data table.  Could you provide an
> example?  Maybe Chris could provide a few problem cases and we could try
> to solve just these cases with your implementation.  If we tackle a few
> difficult cases as a pilot, I think it would go a long way in revealing
> any adjustments to the code we might need to make.

If  two chapters with two different v11ns have additional verse at end
and intermediate system doesn't have that verse everything should work
right way. If that verses are with different content and should not be
mapped  i plan to use space outside intermediate system and each verse
should have its own place.

For  example  in Synodal Dan.3.24-90 does not exist in KJV, and i plan
map  it  right after the end of chapter to Dan.3.31-97. I will need to
check  persistence of place and if it is not persists in target v11n -
make  resulting  key  hollow.  And  also i need to keep a list of such
problem places.

Unexisting  chapter  and  books  will  be translated to empty place in
intermediate system and after translating to target system it could be
mapped  correctly.  If  verse/chapter  order is different we should to
choose  one of them as secondary intermediate system and setup mapping
for other system.

I   think   content  is  more  important  now  if  we  have  draft  of

> I understand from a programmatic point of view.  I also think all Bibles
> should use the same versification scheme. :)  But they don't and we need
> to accommodate the end user.  Seeing the proper book name is even more
> important likely than getting the exact verses adjusted correctly.  I
> think you could have a mapping of book to book in your mapping table.
> The issue is also that some books show up in different orders, so book
> numbers will change between scheme, and as we've already discussed,
> names are v11n scheme dependent sometimes, as well.

I  send book data as string so book order isn't issue. Yes i could add
book  to  book  data  but Synodal books has same names as KJV in Sword

> I don't understand this last statement.

> I thought you were going to produce a Russian Synodal mapping table for
> your code to meet a real need and show how your code works.  I don't
> understand when you say you would prefer "have mapping data between two
> v11ns in Sword" rather than "finishing Synodal now".  I thought these
> were the same thing; "finishing Synodal" I understand as your Synodal
> mapping data for your new code you submitted.  Obviously I am
> misunderstand.  My apologies.  Any clarification would be appreciated.

I  want to say that i need mapping data for any existing Sword module.
I  know  that  there  are some data available but i need some guidance
(like  "this  file from this source is mapping data for that module in
Sword").  That  i  finished  with Synodal content has little effect on
overall progress.

Also i have 3 questions about code.

1.  some  verses  points  on  headings  for  example Synodal.Ps.3.1 ==
heading  of  KJV.Ps.4  ,  so  should  key  states  be  changed  during
translation (Heading(1)) ?

2.  some  verses  point to ranges of verses. should i change bounds in
this case (UpperBound())?

3. and if target content doesnt exist, what i should do, just set
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