[sword-devel] RusSynodal in experimental

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 6 06:41:43 MST 2010

Sorry, the update that was posted earlier wasn't intended to be 
published or downloaded by anyone, since I was still in the middle of 
testing (both it and the updated Windows InstallManager.exe). The 
current updates to the Synodal and OCS Elizabeth Bibles are tested and 
should be correct.

On 11/6/2010 3:49 AM, Konstantin Maslyuk wrote:
> Sorry  but text source for RusSynodal changed without reflecting it in
> conf or rss. Now it is Church-Slavonic translation and not Synodal.
> It would be nice to have Church-Slavonic translation but after we have
> no  problems  with  Synodal.  In  my meaning it also should use slavic
> character set.

I don't know what you mean by "slavic character set". I can think of 3 
ways to interpret that:

1) You might mean that you would like to see the original orthography, 
since it has been modernized in CSlElizabeth. We could add another OCS 
Bible in a non-updated orthography, but we don't have such a text currently.

2) You might mean that you would like to see it in an OCS-style font, 
like you'd see in older printed books. For that, you're free to change 
the font to any Unicode font.

3) You might mean that you would like to see the text written in the 
glagolitic script. We won't be offering that, except perhaps via 
transliteration, in the future.

> Also OT content is missed after 2Macc.

3Macc and 2Esd are not included in the Elizabeth Bible (at least not the 
version we have).

> I  cant  understand  why  RusSynodal  was  in broken state within nine
> months and now there are untested releases. So i want become a part of
> team and help with russian-related direction of Sword Project.

Since there are only a few front ends that can support the Synodal 
versification, there isn't much need for the content to be updated. 
Nothing in the experimental repository is intended for day-to-day use by 
actual users, so it is a very low priority.


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