[sword-devel] Remote Module Repository Wiki

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 6 04:45:19 MST 2010

Sure, of course I agree with Karl.  If we decide on expanding (or
contracting) the format of an installation repository, the InstallMgr
class in the engine will operate against that new definition and
frontend developers already using InstallMgr shouldn't need to change
any code.

On 11/05/2010 09:48 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Matthew Talbert <ransom1982 at gmail.com> writes:
>> Perhaps this isn't any better, but you can see the entire list here:
>> http://ftp.xiphos.org/sword/zip/ Of course, it doesn't use very
>> descriptive names, but it slightly more user friendly than opening the
>> tar.gz.
> Well, again, I don't want a _human_ cracking open mods.d.tar.gz; I want
> the app's installer to do it, and display a nice set of available
> modules with descriptions and sizes and whatnot.  I think InstallManager
> should be taught to do it all, just the way it does for FTP.
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