[sword-devel] HTTP Transport support (was: Remote Module Repository Wiki)

David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 08:51:05 MST 2010

> Our current reasons to switch to HTTP is that HTTP is ubiquitous-- often
> already available at institutions, usually requires no additional
> training to make something available, and has no firewall/security
> concerns.  I wonder if WebDAV still gives us those benefits.

Sorry - coming into this a bit late... but it seems to me that HTTP would
make the most sense when bundled with some standard we created for directory
listings, modules, etc.  In addition to being widely supported, it is also
easy to use HTTPS to create simple-encryption in addition to it being easily
accessed through just about any proxy service (if necessary).

I know that it would make much more sense to use HTTP when it comes to
mobile platforms (speaking from experience).

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