[sword-devel] engine reference parsing

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 02:01:01 MST 2010

A recent thread referred to some necessary/useful enhancements.

Here are a couple of cases which get currently handled badly and would
be really useful if handled correctly:

1) lists of verses within the current scope

V.;V. 20.24.26;V. 29;

Trying to parse this with (in Perl)

> Sword::VerseKey::convertToOSIS($_, $scope)

results in only the last reference being recognised but all initial ones
being ignored or are read as Rev.22.21 depending on what separation
markers I use.

2) several references from same book in row:

Ps 35,1;90,2;Joh 1,1;

The middle Psalm 90.2 is not recognised.


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