[sword-devel] Diatheke - output_format RTF and Red Words of Christ?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 3 14:02:51 MST 2010

Diatheke outputs portions of modules with various toggle and rendering 
filters applied. That's all it does, and all I intend that it ever do.

It can only convert from input format X to output format Y if a 
conversion path from X to Y exists. So conversion from OSIS/ThML/GBF to 
OSIS/ThML/HTML/RTF requires that the appropriate filter (e.g. OSIS to 
ThML) exist. How well it performs the conversion depends on how complete 
the filter is.

Diatheke shouldn't produce valid or well-formed XML (or HTML, or RTF) 
because it isn't producing header & footer content. That means XML 
formats won't produce any schema information, encoding information, etc. 
The RTF export won't produce the preamble information necessary to 
identify the fonts that the RTF filter expects. Etc.

Diatheke is useful because it can show the contents of module entries or 
the output of filter processes with a quick command line call. It's not 
meant as a general-purpose export utility.

None of the reports in this thread represent bugs in Diatheke.


On 11/3/2010 12:33 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> I have also observed that specifying diatheke output_format as either OSIS or
> ThML gives peculiar results as output.  "It's XML, Jim, but not as we know
> it." The text includes recognizable XML markup, but the output is not
> structured as a proper XML file that would pass a syntax check.
> There was also virtually no difference between OSIS and ThML in the outputs
> from the KJV module, except for the ends of each verse line.
> OSIS lines end with<milestone type="line"/>
> ThML lines end with<br />
> David

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