[sword-devel] InstallMgr

Robert Hunt hunt.robertj at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 12:42:47 MST 2010

Actually, I had tried it with sudo with exactly the same result.

But it seems that my modules are in .sword. What determines where they 
go? (I would have originally used Xiphos to install them.)


On 01/11/10 23:16, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Your modules are likely installed to something like /usr/share/sword/,
> to which you, as an unprivileged user, would normally not have write
> access.  I usually need to, e.g.:
> sudo installmgr -ri CrossWire WHNU
> On 10/31/2010 11:55 PM, Robert Hunt wrote:
>>      Any clues why "installmgr -ri CrossWire WHNU" should give "Error
>>      installing module: [WHNU] (write permissions?)". I can't see a page
>>      for installmgr in the wiki.

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