[sword-devel] Module submission status....

Pypsik Pypsik pypsichok at yahoo.com
Sun May 30 21:05:40 MST 2010

I've submitted (to modules at crosswire.org) a month or so ago a version 1.4 of Ukrainian (I.Ogienko) Bible which had few typos fixed and Red Letter support added.
With few follow up e-mails later, haven't heard any response in regards to the submission.
Anyone know of the status, or can help in publishing the 1.4 version?
If so, that be great, cause ready for submission is Ukrainian NT (Kulish, 1871 - public domain) that I'd like to submit aswell for distribution.
Please advise on the status and if anyone can help with approving these two for distribution.
Thanks much and God Bless~
- Vitaliy

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