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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue May 25 19:25:32 MST 2010

Dear Vitaliy,

The SWORD library has been ported to Android with Java wrapper classes via the NDK. Instructions for building can be found in the trunk of our svn repository under bindings/java-jni/README.


When developing the bindings, I had a test program I used to test the calls to the engine. I called it Bishop, but have not continued to develop it into a fully usable application. I could post the source, but I'd rather see what a real Android UI developer can do with the bindings instead.

The port is very preliminary so please let me know if things seem not to work as you'd expect.

Pypsik Pypsik <pypsichok at yahoo.com> wrote:

>what is the status(if any) on the development of a Sword based app for Android platform? 
>If the port is underway, is there a workgroup that one can become part of to contribute in bringing this app to fruition?
>Please advise...
>Thanks much and God Bless~
>- Vitaliy
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