[sword-devel] sword2net wrapper started

Wolfgang Schultz woschultz at googlemail.com
Sun May 23 12:06:32 MST 2010


i have set up a new project so that i may access sword modules with my
favorite language c#. The wrapper is called sword2net  that will be a





Why do i do that? What is the reason?

I work on an Universal BIble API (later it will include other
resources like dictionaries and so on of course) that will provide a
simple but powerful interface for programmer. The idea is to abstract
from the real incarnation of the text for example plain text file, all
kind of databases, osis.xml ,zefania.xml, bibles published on websites
and sword modules.

All this (bible) sources will be queried by objects that  implement
the IBibleModul Interface. I think this will boost the development by
many hobbyist  like me. The Sword Engine is certainly good, but the
learning curve is too steep.:)

Any comments and proposals would be appreciated..


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