[sword-devel] Xiphos Personal Commentary into PocketSword

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Tue May 4 04:23:19 MST 2010

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org>wrote:

> Nic Carter <niccarter at mac.com> writes:
> > I haven't looked at how Xiphos does it's personal commentaries, but if
> > it's the standard commentary format, it should work.
> I just experimented with Personal myself, and there's definitely a
> problem in PS.  A couple examples.
> A reference where I've got a scripRef link, which appears as...
>    <A
> HREF="xiphos.url?action=showRef&amp;type=scripRef&amp;module=&amp;value=1Tim+3%3A2">Text
> here</A>
> ...the content appears raw in PS' commentary pane thus:
>    &type=scripRef&module=&value=1Tim+3%3A2"
>    Text here
> "&amp;" has been decoded to `&', the <> are gone, and there is a line
> break before the link text.  The final double-quote within the ref
> content is still present.  Pretty badly broken.
> Another reference containing a direct navigation link as...
>    <A HREF="sword:///Ruth4:10">Link text</A>
> ...the link text appears normal, and in purple, but tapping the link
> text makes PS die on the spot.
> Xiphos creates this using normal Sword interfaces, and the content is
> effectively raw HTML.  The difference during display is that Xiphos
> obtains the content for personal commentary using getRawEntry(), but for
> ordinary non-editable commentaries it uses RenderText().  You probably
> need to do the same thing in PS.

I'd question whether this is really a problem with PocketSword rather than
the old, common problem of having application specific personal
commentaries.  There is nothing that I am aware of that suggests a SWORD
application should support raw references in the form xiphos.url?<some
parameters> (even references to sword:// I'm not sure are defined as
something applications should support, though many applications [including
BPBible] seem to support it), and there is no reason why any piece of
software should have to support every variant of every application.

Just using the normal Sword interfaces is not enough.  I can programatically
fill a Sword module with HTML, Docbook, or LaTeX with no trouble.  That
doesn't mean I expect other programs to be able to read it.

I myself am not keen on lengthy standardisation efforts, as some may have
gathered in the past, but what we do have to recognise is that if we do not
have such a standard then no application will be able to guarantee that any
other application can read its notes.

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