[sword-devel] Xiphos Personal Commentary into PocketSword

Nakamaru Kunio n_e_o_m at hotmail.com
Mon May 3 10:55:21 MST 2010

I just wrote a simple personal commentary just with some texts and links.
I zipped the local copy of the personal commentary module installed in my application data
with its configuration file.
Then, I used PocketSword manual module importer to import the zipped personal commentary module.

two problems with showing the personal commentary on PocketSword:
1. Japanese characters not displayed. (maybe all non-ascii characters)
2. PocketSword neither recognized the html nor plain text link made by Xiphos.

I was not sure whether it is a problem with PocketSword or Xiphos or maybe just a specification
of personal modules in Sword project.. So forgive me to report here.

I guess PocketSword likes osis format like...
<reference osisRef="Num.1.21">

but does not like html tags <a href="sword:Num1:21">


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