[sword-devel] Open Scriptures Meetup (OSMU)

Weston Ruter westonruter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 15:52:32 MST 2010

Greetings SWORD developers and Open Siddur:
I wanted to extend an invitation to you to join us at a planned meetup in
Portland, Oregon for us who are interested in openly-licensed content and
code for the scriptures, which I know you are both invested in. I'm
expecting it to be a small informal gathering.

I got to meet some of you at BibleTech earlier this year, which was great. I
hope more of us can connect in person to get to know and support each other.


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We've talked about this a bit off group, but I'd like to announce here that
we're looking at having a meetup for us and others who are interested in
openly-licensed content and code for the scriptures (specifically, for
people who are *creating* not just consuming). This would tentatively take
place *Saturday, September 4th at Multnomah University* in Portland, Oregon,
and would precede DjangoCon which starts on Tuesday (the 7th). Note that
Labor Day is on Monday.

Who here would be interested in attending? It would be a pretty informal
gathering, hopefully free or at a nominal cost for the facilities and/or
food. We'd just get together to meet each other in person and talk about
what we're working on and perhaps have some coding sprints. Sound fun?

Looking forward to meeting you!
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