[sword-devel] buying xiphos? (Re: YOAH!!!!)

chrislit at www.crosswire.org chrislit at www.crosswire.org
Wed Jun 9 01:09:05 MST 2010

On Tue, 8 Jun 2010, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

> [ not Cc'ing sword-support, from whence this came -- sword-devel only. ]
>>   Last month (May).  I sent a money order to purchase the Xiphos program.
>> I am using windows XP.  This is the 3rd E-Mail to you.  I love the program,
>> but cannot istall any modules manually.  PLEASE REPLY
> Where would he get the idea that Xiphos must be purchased, and who would
> have redeemed such a purchase?

I would guess he tried to buy the SWORD Project CD, given his specific 
mention of already having the program and essentially just wanting the 
content. Maybe fulfillment is currently delayed--I don't know. (Xiphos can 
be purchased, via the link on crosswire.org's main page. And sale is, as 
has been discussed, perfectly within the terms of the license.)

Incidentally, please, if you must forward email from sword-support to 
sword-devel, scrub it of personal information. Remember that devel is 
publicly archived, but support is not. Those emailing support do not have 
an expectation that their personal information will be posted on the 
internet, and we owe it to them to respect their privacy.


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